Process Pipe, Tanks & Vessels Fabrication:

From our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to fabricate process pipe spools of up to 24” and Pressure Vessels to ASME IX and ASME B31.3. These spools and vessels are tested either with Radiography, Magnetic Particle, or Ultrasonic Testing (depending on the client’s preference). Thereafter, they are hydrotested, painted and then delivered to the client. Tranos can also carry out the site installation of these pipe spools. For clients that carrying out Brownfield upgrade work, Tranos carries out the site fabrication and installation of pipe spools, and were required; we have carried out repair of damaged pipe lines.

Process Skid Packages:

One of our main interest at Tranos is the design and fabrication of process skids and modules. This will usually include the structural frame, the pipework, installation of any process equipment, and the installation and connection of all valves, instrumentation and electrical components. Where possible, the skids can be tested at our workshop which reduces the amount of site work during installation.

Structural Fabrication:

Tranos carries out the design and fabrication of various structures for numerous applications based on the clients’ requirements. These could be hand railings, welding habitats, pipe supports, etc. Our structural welding is carried out according to AWS D1.1.
The weld processes in use include:

  • SMAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • GTAW

Sheet Metal Fabrication:

Sheet Metal Fabrication is one of Tranos’ strengths. With equipment installed for this purpose like the CNC Plasma Cutter, Hydraulic Brake Press, Plate Roller to name a few; Tranos carries out the detailed design of sheet metal structures and parts, and also carries out the full fabrication. From generator enclosures, to cabinets, panels, hoppers, tanks and virtually everything we can design