Can-Do Attitude

At Tranos, we aspire to maintain a positive attitude by always expecting the best possible outcome in every situation. In the course of our duties and responsibilities, we always exhibit a can-do attitude which is reflective of our results and obvious in our interactions with our colleagues and clients.

We possess the energy and enthusiasm to take on any challenges, striving forward with our “Can Do” attitude by overcoming all odds and disadvantages, in order to drive our desired results and deliver jobs on time with cost-effective performance and minimal wastage in resources.

Everyone in Tranos tries to meet their goals no matter the situation,shows enthusiasm and a positive attitude when coping with work pressure,demonstrates passion and inspire others with a thirst for excellence andcares intensely about Tranos’ success so much that we are fundamentally dissatisfied with the status quo.

Proactive Problem Solving

Proactive people are constantly aware of their environment and they consciously make key decisions that are strongly directed towards positive results even in the toughest situations. They create their own opportunities and direct the flow of their work. This is who we are at Tranos.

We proactively identify future problems and challenges, show resilience in the face of challenges, proactively manage tasks, monitor progress and finish work before deadlines. We believe in discovering and applying practical solutions to hard problems.

Surpassing Expectations

By consistently upholding integrity, having a sense of urgency, walking the extra mile and delivering high-quality services, we strive to surpass customers’ expectations and earn their trust.

Our people are exemplary individuals who delights in going the extra mile to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We take up job roles and provide personal touch that contribute to exceeding client expectations.

This we can achieve through
  • Professionalism
  • Customer-oriented relationships
  • Exceptional Service Delivery
  • Unequalled Teamwork

Continuous Learning

For every member of the Tranos Family, pursuing growth and continuous learning is what we hold dear as part of our daily activities. As the firm is keen on promoting people to leadership from within, continuous learning comes to the fore as a ladder towards higher responsibilities.

This means that we must; constantly seek and share new knowledge, learning and experiences and dare to make changes when warranted in order to drive improvements; seek out opportunities for learning and development to build on strengths and improve on weaknesses;ensure continuous, unrelenting and high level of drive for creativity; look out for new ways to deliver value and improve on our business processes.

Responsibility & Accountability

A very important part of our culture at Tranos is Responsibility and Accountability. This sums up the whole of what we do. An individual in Tranos is always responsible and accountable for their results no matter the outcome. We are responsible and accountable to all our customers alike and our fellow employees as well.

  • Take responsibility for personal actions and inactions.
  • Takes responsibility for team’s action and inactions.
  • Believe that the work done ensures the organisation satisfies its customers.
  • Do not hide behind excuses to justify poor performance.

Every individual thinks and acts like a member of the Tranos Family as well as a business partner, taking responsibility of the overall business performance.

Working Smart

With new developments in the 21st Century and increasing customer expectations, our focus at Tranos is value-added work. We don’t just put in a lot of time to what we do but ‘quality time’ supported by effective planning through every single project. This ensures that a whole lot of negligible processes are rooted out of our operations and work routines.

  • Are inclined to learning new technology to improve own performance and output
  • Believe technology has the ability to improve our competitive advantage.
  • Do not wait to see team members face-to-face rather, utilize technology in collaborating with them across distances.
  • Search for new alternatives when faced with challenges.
  • Approaches difficult situations calmly to ensure the right decisions are made.