Who We are

In over 8 years of existence, TRANOS has grown into a reputable and internationally recognised brand. Our specialty in Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Project management has made us highly sought after by both local and international companies. As a highly innovative company, our services also includes the manufacturing of high quality products in Power Generation, Energy Distribution, Control and Automation and Enclosures.

Through our various design and fabrication processes, we have set a world-class standard in safety, quality and efficiency. Our facility is equipped with the state-of- the-art equipment and resources. These enable us carry out innovative designs, manufacturing and fabrication that comply with international standards.


To be a global leader in manufacturing and engineering solutions


To be a cutting-edge, value-driven, solutions-oriented and innovative company building products and solutions for individuals, businesses and communities.

Corporate Philosophy

We believe in Tranos that the best way to endear ourselves to our clients is through the services we offer. Our market development strategy therefore, is to offer products and services which we are proud to put our name on. We stay close to our clients, listen to them and are responsive to their demands.
As a project based organization, team work is very important to us. This is because, working on various projects across diverse teams requires every member of each project team to be fully involved in the management and delivery of the project. To enhance working in teams, we rely heavily on information technology, allowing our team members to collaborate across distances. We believe that everyone has a significant role to play. Every member of the team should be heard and every hand is useful, if applied constructively. Our structure is flat and this ensures that management is accessible and visible.
We expect every product or service we deliver to have our name on it, and therefore see it as our responsibility to ensure that each product or service is delivered to the highest of standards. The high quality of our delivered products makes us proud to put our name on them. We strive to be model citizens in our community by contributing to its growth. We act with integrity and fairness. Every team member or employee must own his or her job which aids our people to take responsibility for ensuring that service to our clients is given a personal touch.
Business relationships like any other relationship must be based on trust and we bring this perspective into our relationships between ourselves as colleagues in the office first of all and then, between us and our clients.
We strive to learn something new about our business everyday and apply what we learn in solving problems; we have a continuous and unrelenting drive for creativity, progress and improvement on ourselves and our business processes